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WiFi Hacker 2015 - Review
Posted by johnlittle

The application designer of theWiFihacker must have been a complicated genius as the algorithm which guides the application is way too complicated for any normal  coding technician to understand and the interface is way too simplistic than even a old man who is about to die can make good use of the application. The purblind algorithm may irritate even the best of the coders but one should be knowing if the application's algorithm is simplistic as its interface it can be prone to faults in the later stage. So leaving negative comments about the algorithm designers would get us nowhere and we should learn to appreciate what's in front of us, The legendary WiFi hacker. The ever doubting skeptics and their skepticism are not worth referring to when we have a WiFi password hacker software application which works to perfection.

WiFi Hacker - Is it a boon or curse?

But when you allow your eyes to focus and refocus on the application, you will realize the WiFi hacker application is for everyone's good only afterall. It was a bit unnerving, even to a guy who has tried out millions of standalone desktop applications before, to use one of the greatest WiFi hacking tools to have graced this internet world which seems unstructured to the normal naked eye but only a real technician will know there couldn't be a better structure for such a complicated algorithm for breaking into the WPA2 signals oozed out by the WiFi routers you want to hack. The inimitable blocks, to which various modules have been put, of the WiFi hacker application, makes it robust and even if changes are to be made to these modules, the functionality of modules won't be affected by changing the code in any one module. The naming conventions of these modules and the grouping of the various functionalities has been adroitly carried out by the creators of the application WiFi hacker. This application doesn't have any specific stratagem to outwit their competitors as they don't really have the need because most of the applications which carry a similar name "WiFi cracker or WiFi sniffer or anything else" which claims to work as the WiFi hacker does, are most probably scams designed to loot innocent end users of their money. If they do have a longtime nemesis, which they don't, they can consider investing huge chunks of profits obtained by the WiFi hacker application. But the application, itself, has been given away for many months now as they truly believe "If one WiFi hacking tool proclaims to give free WiFi, it shouldn't charge for its services. Because the money the end users would invest in your service, they'd rather pay their phone bills". The motto is sound and the WiFi hacker or any other applications of the similar kind shouldn't come with a price tag as it would defeat the purpose of a WiFi password hacker software application. So the scams of WiFi hacking tools should be avoided by the end users and very few people who charge the application which succeeds in hacking WiFi networks should be dragged out of limbo and WiFi hacker should be presented to them, for they should there is a superior freeware which does more than what your application is capable of.

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Posted by johnlittle

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